The National sports day in India is celebrated on 29TH August each year. This day marks the birthday of Dhyan chand, The hockey player who won gold medals in Olympics for India and he is a legendary figure in the Indian and world hockey. The most noted memorials for him is the Major Dhyan Chand Award, the highest award for lifetime achievement in sports and games in India and the National Sports Day celebration on his birthday.


  • Carrom Competition for III to V
  • Table Tennis Competition for VI to X


15TH August – India’s Independence Day. A day envisioned to stoke nationalistic fervor among Indian Citizen we all know now important is this day of any of the Indian citizen and institutions like us, who have the responsibility of caring the future of our Nation. As our School this day was equally special, hence the preparations began long back. On the day our chairman sir spoke about the significance of this historic day. Various cultural programs, including dances & songs were organized by the students in tribute to freedom fighters. Two patriotic play drought tears in the audience eyes. A group of students presenting the patriotic song awakened every one’s feeling towards our Mother Land . Indeed, it was a day of joy, a day to love and respect our country and make it a better place. A day to experience the freedom, peace and unity in diversity.


Constitution Day, also known as Samvidhan Diwas, is celebrated in India. As the history depicits on 26th Nov, 1949, the constitution assembly of India adopted the constitution of India and it come into effect on 26th January 1950. This is a day of pride and honour for all of us we became Independent in real terms. In order to mark the occasion a speech was organized by students of class IXTH & XTH. Our social science teachers explained word to word meaning of Indian constitution along with the history of its making. Heartiest wishes Shri. B.R. Ambedkar. During the second half of the school time, a small question answer session was organized with the help of smart class projections. This helped the students a lot as they gained knowledge in the fun way.


Children’s Day (14th November) each year marks the birth anniversary of Pt. Nehru fondly called as chacha Nehru. At FCPS, preparation for this day begons way in advance, when all the teachers and students start preparing for the games and food stall to be placed in the fun fair organized specially for kids on children’s day. Each house did arrangements for food and game stall. Large size posters were displayed and fancy dress show was organized for class L.K.G. to U.K.G. As the toddelers enjoyed and received their gifts, they went back home. Now was the time for other classes. Hence class IInd to XITH were left free to enjoy. The school was chirping with joy as the students were enjoying playing games and eating delicacy of their choice. It was taken fully into consideration that the games and food leave a positive impact along with joy. This day was fully by the children, for the children and with the children.


As the year comes to an end, the last celebration of the year brighten up the times when every corner is decorated. A gigantic Christmas tree was made with mutual efforts of students and teachers. The tree was fully decorated, illuminated and placed in the centre of school. Lots of ballons, stars and frills were decorated in all the classrooms. A week in advance the students performed the activity and made the decoration stuff on their own. The Christmas morning saw toddler boys as santa and girls as fairies. A small musical dance party was organized for the charming kids. For classes up to VITH carols were sang by them and sweets were distributed amongst all the students. To close the day a small dance party was also organized for senior classes which brought spark in their eyes as well. The day was more enjoyed than actually planned.


At FCPS, our motto is to provide all round knowledge to our students so that they flourish in all walk of life. A step to that was the Road Safety Day celebration on 17TH January 2018. Posters of Zebra crossing, traffic light and road safety signals were prepared in advance. A role play was these organized by class
VIII & IX, by using these posters, all the children were taught how to behave on the road it was musically explained how to cross roads. Importance of the sign board were done individually by the students performing the play. The last was the do’s & don’t section where kids were explained how playing and being unethical can be fatal for all the lives. Importance of speed limit, seat belts and helmets also form to be a part of the whole program me. These posters were later displayed on the various boards in the school, so that students may remember the information given to them.


26TH January, a day of pride and happiness for all Indian was equally a day of joy for us as FCPS. We had started our planning almost a month back, as we practiced the patriotic songs, National anthem,the play etc.
The school was covered with flags and various tricolored activities made by all the classes. Big posters wishing all a Happy Republic Day were displayed in and outside the school. Tricolored ballons swayed beautifully to complete the enthusiasm. The programme began on its early note, as all were exicted to enjoy the dance and plays.
The programme began with flag hoisting and national anthem, followed by sarswati vandana patriotic songs, play on ‘Beti Bachao aur Beti Padao’.
Another play on shaheed Bhagat Singh. A small dance show by toddlers of L.K.G. & U.K.G. was the show stopping feature. words of wisdom by our chairman sir and Mr. V.P. Sharma attraction of the whole programme. In all it was an awesome function with lots of happiness.