The school comprehends that protected drinking water and sanitation offices are significant for a solid physical learning condition profiting both learning and well being.

  •  There are a considerable measure of compositional and tasteful angles identified with school’s needs of cleanliness that the school deals with, for example, school’s building design, safe water supply, demeanor of waste, crisis lighting, ventilation, and in addition sufficient school offices (lobbies, classrooms and basic regions) and furniture.
  •  The school is punishing clean with healing center like neatness measures to guarantee cleanliness.
  •  Washrooms for understudies and instructors have been redesigned. The classrooms and passages are tidied and cleaned carefully. The housekeeping is directed by a group of instructors on each floor.
  •  The arrangement of sheltered and clean drinking water is through RO frameworks on each floor.
  •  The school has a specialist and medical caretakers to keep up a solid situation taking care of the wellbeing needs of the understudies and instructors. One Nurse is positioned in the Main Block and the other in the Nursery Wing amid school hours.
  •  The significance of individual cleanliness is educated and mindfulness about the same is made by the therapeutic group of the school by tending to the understudies intermittently through varying media introductions and different exercises.
  •  Specialist specialists are welcome to communicate with the understudies and make them mindful about cleanliness, great eating routine propensities, significance of physical exercises and such other pertinent points.
  •  Students of all classes have customary therapeutic registration.
  •  Medical records of all understudies are kept up by the therapeutic group. Understudies who require exceptional consideration and care as for physical prosperity are dealt with determinedly with steady input to guardians.
  •  Health and cleanliness of understudies is of foremost significance. Amid celebrations like Holi and Diwali, understudies are made mindful about how to play safe Holi and praise safe Diwali. Understudies plan ecofriendly hues utilizing broiled leaves, blooms and other regular fixings. No wafer Diwali is the standard in the school.