Mission And Vision

Our Vision


Our vision achieve a complete growth for our students has led us to invest in our sphere along with class teaching and hence. We have been continuously adding on. Here is the glimpses of the facilities we are offering.

  1. A big campus with area and full occupied class rooms. Each class room along with black board and comfortable desks has intercoms and CCTV. Todd less have colorfully beautified class room with special furniture in order to facilitate full construction to all.

  2. Well maintain teachers staff has complete seating capacity and other facilities for teachers.

  3. Smart class room have been designed in such a way to aid effective classroom teaching, it contain multimedia clips which helps students vesulise complex concepts. We believe in deep penetrating the roots of eduction enhance this technological access helps us full fill our vision.

  4. the edifice of future entirely depends on the foundation. We lay today library form to be an important part of school. Our school library, a treasure trone of knowledge has loads and loads of book all almost all fields of life to enhance the first of theist of book lovers.

  5. Our labs bring learning to life as the students get to explore , experiment and for their own conclusions. We make so that our student are provided with all facilities required for a practical experience in Physic, Chemistry and biology labs.

  6. All Works and not play is not the word anywhere hence we provide space to our kiddos riding their imaginative horses and flying high our activity area if fully occupied for bring out the artist within our student. It can be painting, craft, work education for any form of playing with best item to carve out the best.

  7. Our computer practical lab is a specious air renditioned area containing upgraded computer system to cater the technological need of our student. They get the best environment to become technosavy and updated to face future world.

Our mission


At FCPS we prepare students to understand, contribute and succeed in a rapidly changing society and thus ensure that ensure that our students develop skills that sound & liberal education provides along with the competencies essential for success and leadership in emerging creative economy. We also lead in better understand our world and improve conditions of our community as a whole. Hence we have come up with opening all streams in class XI from our session 2016-2017.