School Rules and Regulation

Dear Parents,

It is to inform you that for the safety & security of the students , School managing committee has implemented new rules , which are to be abided by the Students and Parents. These are mentioned as under:

  • Parents should send their ward in proper and clean uniform and should strictly adhere to the school timings. In case of negligence , student shall be returned back to home.
  • Students should bring their bag in accordance to the class time table and carry their lunch boxes while coming to school. Parents will not be allowed to bring lunch for their ward in school timing.
  • Parents should take prior approval from principal in case they need to take their ward during school timing.
  • Students are not allowed to wear any ornaments, watches or bring any valuable article like mobile phones, tab, etc. to the school. School shall not be responsible for the loss or damage of any such article brought by the student.
  • Teacher have the authority to call the parents of students found misbehaving or by any means not participating in the studies. Parents are required to meet the teachers at the earliest.
  • Students are not supposed to borrow any money or articles from their fellow students.
  • All the students shall give due care to the school property. Writing or scratching on he furniture or walls, or in any manners damaging others or school property shall be penalised. Any such damage shall be paid up by the students individually or collectively.
  • Parents are required to check and sing the students diary every day and also the remarks given by the teacher in the diary.
  • No student shall be exempted from physical exercise without doctors certificate which must be renewed every month.
  • Monthly school fees should be paid at the school counter before the end of the respective month. Student will not be allowed to sit for any of the school examination until all fees/dues are paid.
  • Leave application should be submitted in case the student is not present due to any reason. Medical certificate from a qualified doctor is essential in case the leave exceeds 1-3 days.
  • Non Sikh boys should get their hair trimmed at regular intervals and the girls need to tied their hair properly with white clips & rubber bands along with white ribbons.
  • The school will not be responsible for loss of books, bottle, lunch, caps and other such items. However, every effort will be made to recover the things lost, if reported to the class teachers.
  • Students should be courtesy to teachers and friendly with juniors. In case found guilty for negligence shall be suspended from the school.